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In 2013 Home & Deco added an in-house interior design department. Home & Deco interiors emerged as an evolution of our studios ever-expanding range of interests. The department is committed to developing each of our projects in depth of detail and breadth of possibilities.

Home & Deco interior is a well-established interior studio inspired by innovation in design, the craft of construction and a collaborative approach that places our clients’ needs of the design process.

Getting away from tired clichés with creative design and ideas just waiting to be discovered on an exclusive journey to seek out the best in decorative solutions.

Home& Deco is an interior design Studio with a broad interest in History, Art, and new European Living.

We bring to our work a spirit that is at once classic, Modern and heartfelt, as we reinvent the traditional interior design process for our 21st-century clients.

We developed our unique aesthetic characterized by a mix of luxury old-world, romance and urban cool.

Drawing inspiration ranging from Monet paintings to Helmut Newton photographs, we create seductive, wondrous spaces that surpass trend to redefine traditional design for a new generation.

It is only if we go intensely into depth with your goals, with your wishes, with the directed target group, with the functional factors, and with the other details of the project that we can develop ideas and fulfill the highest demands. It is for that reason that we will not begin our work without a lengthy discussion. Only in that way is it ensured that even in the planning phase, we will take all facets into consideration and create a solution that is precisely to your project.

Our special services include, upon request, drawing up detailed furnishing plans, color concepts and colleges which are very individually tailored to the project and the financial parameters. And with large scale project, we will build sample rooms that are true to the original. By using these rooms, the plans can be very realistically examined down to the last detail.



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