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In Home&Deco stores “buying” will be outmoded as a sterile activity and its place will stand “the art of shopping” which is less about purchasing and more about experience.

The following artisans, architects, interiors, places and musicians are the soul and the inspiration behind the Home & Deco brand. In the following pictures you can also feel what inspire us and stimulate our imagination so we can transmit them to our collections and our interior philosophy.

“I think of Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik shoes as sculptures…I like to design bad-girl shoes”.
“I m a frustrated shoe designer. Since I was a child I’ve been drawing shoes and if left alone I can fill sketchbooks. I have a passion and love for them. I find I follow the same train of thought and principles, whether designing a shoe or an interior”.

Antonio Citterio’s furniture is conspicuous by its modesty and restraint. At the height of minimalism, it looked sufficiently streamlined to qualify as timely. An architect by training, he extends his practice to building and interiors, but it is perhaps as a furniture designers that he has exerted the most influence.

He does incredibly beautiful bridges. His work is lyrical. He is a poet. “All good architecture and good decoration (which it must never be forgotten, is only interior architecture) must be based on rhythm and Logic”.

Was a German-American architect. He is commonly referred to and was addressed as Mies, his surname. Along with Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius and Frank Lloyd Wright, he is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of modernist architecture.

Larsen’s designs reflect more than a fascination with color, texture and pattern. His textiles are rooted in sensitive interpretations of the forms absorbed during a lifetime immersed in art world travel and even gardening. In 1979 they earned Larsen his own retrospective at the Musee Des Arts Decoratifs at the Louvre.

“I believe that some of the best designs can be found in automobiles. I collect antique cars and am not only inspired by their design but by their history. One of my favourites is the Bugatti Atlantic it’s a remarkable combination of sculpture and technology. These cars possess a quality of craftsmanship that influences many aspects of my designs” Ralph Lauren Fashion Designer.

A Fine aesthetic sensibility, discerning eye of quality and concern for comfort made Angelo Donghia one of America’s most influential interior designers. His style characterized by simplicity of line, purity of materials and sensual textures, as sought after by many and drove the creation of Donghia inc.

Tadao Ando is a Japanese self-taught architect whose approach to architecture is highly regarded for his unappalled work with concrete, sensitive treatment of natural light and strong engagement with nature. He is self-taught architect whose minimalist aesthetic and love of natural materials like glass and concrete earned him the Pritzker Prize in 1995.

He was Finnish architect and designer. His work includes architecture, furniture, textiles and glassware, as well as sculptures and paintings, though he never regarded himself as an artist, seeing painting and sculpture as branches of the tree whose trunk is architecture.

The Chedi Andermatt, the Luxury hotel situated in a locality of the Swiss Ales with the same name. The design of the resort curated by Jean-Michel Gathy at the studio Denniston International Architects and Planners ltd, in Kuala Lumpur.

Is an American architect from New York. His retail work includes stores for Ermeneglido Zegna, Christian Dior, Fendi and Louis Vuitton. Peter Marino is known for frequently wearing black leather and black rubber outfits.

He has worked with the most successful Greek singers, composing the music and writing the lyrics for a large number of hit songs. With his religious works, he has provided a very different perspective of contemporary byzantine music. He has made numerous soundtracks. From 1994 he composes instrumental music exclusively. A music that embraces Greece’s history and religion.

Bernard is widely recognized foremost architects. The intertwining concepts ‘’movement’’ in architecture are supported by Tschumi belief that architecture is the most important innovation of our times. He has made a reputation for groundbreaking designs that include the new Acropolis Museum, Le Fresnoy National studio for the Contemporary Arts, the Vacheron-Constantin headquarters.

The last generation made their homes on the left bank and Saint-Germain was one of their prime neighborhoods. You see the history throughout the streets of Saint Germaine and surrounding neighborhoods.

Berlin is a fantastic place in which traces of a glorious past are mixed with the heritage of contemporary history. Nowadays Hotel Zoo is one of the crowing glories of Berlin as well as a symbol of its rebirth.

“Living in style”. A magazine about interior-architecture-gardens-art-antiques and design.

An American architect and designer. He is the founder and president of Rockwell group, a 250-person award winning, cross-disciplinary architecture and design practice based in New York.

Her song ‘’ I’m Kissing You’’. The most power love theme ever from the film ‘’Romeo & Juliet’’.

Greek music composer

Ellen Von Unwerth is a photographer and director, specializing in erotic feminity. She worked as a fashion model for ten years herself before moving behind the camera.

An American actor and filmmaker, having performed for nearly 60 years. In many of his films he played the ‘’eternal outsider, the sardonic drifter and someone who rebels against the social structure.

She was an American interior decorator. Stylistically very anti-minimalist, she would use bright, exuberant colors and large prints that would encompass whole walls. She incorporated black and white tiles, rococo scrollwork and baroque plasterwork. Draper created a new style known as ‘’Modern Baroque’’, adding a modern flare to a classical style.

A museum of art and culture in Saint Petersburg, Russia. One of the largest and oldest museum in the world, it was founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great and has been open to the public since 1852. Its collections of which only a small part is on permanently display, comprise over three million items, including the largest collection at paintings in the world.

Considered by Conde Nast Traveller to be one of best places to stay in the world. The Regent Berlin is one of the best 5 stars superior hotels in Berlin that prides itself on impeccable service and first-class amenities in the heart of one of Europe’s most compelling cities.

His book ‘’Zorba the Greek’’. One of the most important Greek writers, poets and philosophers of the 20th century. ‘’I felt once more how simple and frugal a thing is happiness: a glass of wine, a roast chestnut, a wretched little brazier, the sound of the sea…I fear nothing…’’. A man needs a little madness or else…he never dares cut the rope and be free.

Born in 1967. An American designer. According to the New York Times her playful, elegantly over-the-top designs for the Avalon Beverly Hills changed the look of boutique hotels around the world and her designs for the Viceroy hotel chain in the early 2000s have also been noted for their influence on the design industry.

The trade show for a unique experience to discover the unexpected.

Singer Nana Mouskouri became a star in Europe for the song ‘’The white Rose of Athens’’. Born October 13, 1934 in Greece, Nana Mouskouri studied at Athens Academy of Music. She released her first record in 1958 and hit it big in Europe with the song ‘’The white Rose of Athens’’ in 1962. In her career she sold over 200 million records in several languages.
Mouskouri also served as a member of the European Parliament from 1994 to 1999.

Is an archeological museum focused on the findings of the archeological side of the Acropolis of Athens. The museum was built to house every artifact found on the rock and on its feet, from the Greek Bronze Age to Roman and Byzantine Greece. The architect of the museum is Bernard Tschumi, in collaboration with the Greek architect Michael Photiadis.

The museum houses Greeks works of art from the prehistorical to the modern times, an extensive collection of Asian art, host periodic exhibitions and maintains a state-of-the-art restoration and conservation workshop.

Is a museum of modern and contemporary art located in Moscow, Russia. It was opened to public in December 1999. The project of the museum was initiated and executed by Zarab Tsereteli, president of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Italian film director best known for his ‘’trilogy on modernity and its discontents’’. He produced ‘’enigmatic and intricate mood pieces’’ and rejected action in favor of contemplation, focusing an image and design over character and story.

Was an American architect, interior designer and educator. Wright believed in designing structures that where in harmony with humanity and its environment, a philosophy he called organic architecture.