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A project by Home & Deco is a dedicated service providing custom-made solutions for interior design: indoor, outdoor, hotel, hospitality customers, and private villas.

Working alongside with the top design and manufacture companies across Europe, our expertise in product development, crafting unique finishes and sourcing exceptional materials set us apart from other contract furniture manufacturers.

In each contract project, we produce a preliminary study of the space to achieve the correct furniture distribution and design, together with 3d computer generated images showing the final installations. This will be followed by technical drawings for final approval.

Home & Deco offers a highly professional technical team specializing in furniture design and product development using the latest two and three dimension computer packages.


Our Project Management Team manages the internal resources for each project and works alongside the client and the other members of the project team ensuring that requirements, key delivery, and deadlines we met.

Through our work, you will be able to appreciate how the piece of furniture becomes the focal point within its surroundings. We adapt to any kind of ambiance, be it classical, industrial or modern providing solutions for any requirement in any kind of space.

We can adapt to any idea you might present. We are the market leader in the sector, offering timeless, enduring designs and we face all, a project with a sense of reliability and functionality.

From wood paneling, marble walls, bathroom, wardrobe, upholstery, metal to fine timber, costume furniture, iron & wood partitions etc.


We craft a vision for a project based on instinct, ingenuity, humor and historical references.

For more information on our services or to request samples of our unique materials and finishes please contact projects@homedeco.com.


“We measure the value of our work by the quiet pleasure of the lives in our buildings”

“We want to leave good marks upon this earth”

“We want to solve problems and we want to transcend solutions”

“We take each project for what it is and who it’s for”

“Attention to detail and to customized use of materials is key in creating unique results”.