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Every Home & Deco Concept evolves from a close collaboration between our team and our clients a process predicated upon our having a firm understanding of both our clients objectives and their hospitality industry.

Home & Deco talented team listens, researches, synthesizes and ultimately implements a creative vision that is aesthetically compelling, budget and deadline compliant, and above all, speaks strategically to a project unique place and program.

We renovate spaces using the most sophisticated equipment and the finest materials, designed for ambitious and refined people looking for products in which differentiation and uniqueness prevail.

Entering into a house designed by Home & Deco means exploring the world in which different materials fuse in unique compositions, combining the simplicity of the shapes, the richness of the materials and the finishing in a perfect play of proportions.

Different styles and solutions live together in the same room. Home &Deco creates made to measure houses, playing with materials, different finishing, sizes and proportions, fabrics and colours. The rooms are enriched by the character when copper and bronze meet precious woods.

Everything is made to measure. The design of the creations gives the proportions; the rest depends on the person who will these places and on the dimensions of the room.  A game which combines art, design, and architecture.