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Our interior designers share tips & advice with you on how to decorate for Christmas.

Classic Christmas Colour Palette

For a timeless Christmas look follow the red, green and gold palette but in darker tones to give a more sophisticated look. Pair with wooden and marble textures, and of course festive fabrics such as silk or velvet.

Winter Wonderland Colour Scheme

Create a winter wonderland with a serene colour palette of white, silver, and blue. These cool tones add an air of sophistication and a sense of calm to your holiday decor.

Traditional Christmas Colour Palette

For a traditional Christmas look, stick to a classic colour palette of red and green, and pair with gold or silver. These hues evoke tradition and warmth, making your home feel cozy and inviting.

Holiday textures

Fabrics are a key part of any interior space. They are the things that tell the story of the room. Choose silk for its shimmering quality that captures the essence of Christmas, casting a sophisticated glow in your home. Or choose velvet: a luxurious yet cozy embrace giving a touch of festive glamour to your interiors.

You may decorate with silk or velvet cushions or a throw, or choose ornaments that may feature these types of fabric.

Under the candle light

Did you know our memories are triggered by scents? Get festive this year with Voluspa candles, pick your favourite scent and cherish moments with loved ones!

Transform your living space with the soft, warm glow of candles. Arrange an array of candle holders and candelabras on your mantels, tables, and shelves to infuse a sense of timeless elegance.

Modern Christmas table

Dress your table in a modern and festive way for this Christmas: opt for plain white plates, silver cutlery and clear glasses for a minimal approach, and pair with wooden serving boards and ornaments such as a Christmas tree or a reindeer candle holder, some black candles and of course your center pieces: a pair of artistic glass green and grey vases.

White Christmas table

Here’s our recommendation for a White Christmas table: choose all white and clear glass items, such as white plates and serving trays, white candles and white or silver Christmas tree, paired with glass vases of different shapes and sizes. You may also add white vases with different textures, and wooden items to add a different and more natural touch.

Classic Christmas table

Dress your table in a classic elegant way this Christmas: choose white plates with gold elements, gold or silver cutlery and clear glasses. Decorate the table with gold trees, greenery and choose Voluspa candles following the same colour palette. You may also add touches of wooden or bronze materials for a more natural twist.

Michael Aram Christmas table

Dress your Christmas table in white and gold this year, a very stylish and elegant approach. Discover Michael Aram collections in our showrooms and choose your favourite pieces. Elegant candle jars and candle holders, all inspired by nature. And of course don’t forget to feature a centerpiece that will certainly leave an impression!

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